Why a screenplay?

“It’s a natural progression,” said author Alesha Escobar, who released the first book of The Gray Tower Trilogy back in 2011.

The Tower’s Alchemist had hit Amazon’s bestsellers list, reaching #1 in Historical Fantasy, #6 in Fantasy Fiction, and later landed in the Top 100 for Historical Fiction. The imaginative fantasy mash-up, reminiscent of Agent Carter meets Hell Boy, has since been adapted to a stunning audiobook edition by actress Anne Johnstonbrown. And so, it seems a natural progression toward a screenplay adaptation would certainly be the next step.

The Audiobook(1)

“It wasn’t until I heard [Johnstonbrown’s] voice for the audiobook that I knew a visual medium of telling the story of The Tower’s Alchemist could really work,” said Escobar.

Isabella George, the heroine of the novel, carries out her spy mission in the city of Paris, France, in an alternate WWII where Nazis have recruited vampires and warlocks, and British intelligence has employed wizards of the Gray Tower to thwart them.

With not only scenic routes and Gothic churches to give visual eye candy, the story also includes action-packed scenes with hand-to-hand combat and deadly magical stand-offs.

“I want this story to reach its fullest potential,” said Escobar. “And, I get emails from amazing readers who ask me when or if there will be a movie. I don’t want to disappoint them.”

Escobar, who holds a B.A. in English with a Writing emphasis, is currently adapting the novel to screenplay.

The Tower’s Alchemist ebook is currently free to download.


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