If you’ve ever submitted your own press release, you know that it can sometimes be a headache trying to use the right phrasing and making sure the information is newsworthy. In addition, you have to also ensure its distribution. Let us write and distribute it for you!

Price: $29.99



It can take hours navigating the net and submitting your Free Days or discounts to various book promotion sites. Let us submit it for you so you can get back to writing! We will submit to a *minimum* of 10 sites, but often complete 15-20 total. In addition, we’ll manage a 3-day social media campaign (that includes Facebook posts, G+ shares, and 5 customized tweets we’ll send out) to help layer your promotion so that it packs a punch and makes a presence.

What types of books work best with this promo? Our audience and network are largely speculative fiction fans (science fiction, fantasy, etc.) so the books within these genres will have the best results.

If your book is non-fiction or outside of the sci-fi/fantasy genres, please take a look at our author promo packages HERE.

Also, make sure you’ve checked off the following prior to promotion:

  • Have a promo date in mind (usually 1-2 weeks ahead. This will give the promo sites time to list your book)
  • Make sure you have an author Twitter account, an author Facebook Fan Page, and/or a blog
  • Go to Amazon Author Central and claim your Amazon author profile, filling in your biography and other info
  • 99-cent promos or Kindle Select free days are the best times to submit to promo sites and reach new readers
  • Have a fantastic blurb that will draw readers in (need help with this? We also do blurbs!)

Price: $69.99




Besides your opening pages, your blurb is a huge factor in grabbing a reader’s attention. For many, a blurb or book description that nails it is easy–and then for some of us, we need extra feedback. Whether you have a written blurb you’d like us to tweak, or need us to write one for you, we’re here for you with 100% passion and creativity.

Price: $20




The experts always tell you not to use grandma or your co-worker at the office as a sounding board for your novel’s first draft. And you know what? We agree! Team Creative Alchemy is made up of talented people from various backgrounds, education levels, and life experiences. We care about good books and sharing your creativity, so a manuscript feedback session may be a great start to accomplishing your final draft. We’ll read your manuscript and provide constructive written feedback, privately.

Manuscript Feedback: $120


Looking for a freelance editor to polish your work? We’ve partnered with several editors who have experience in developmental editing and proofing. Due to their availability schedules and possible changes in prices, please fill out the form below if you’re looking for an editor.


Got a question or looking for a service that isn’t on this list? Contact us.








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