I also prefer the heroine who doesn’t sacrifice her femininity in the process of becoming heroic. There is a courage and dignity in embracing female strength, and it is very different from male strength. I think feminine strength is worth celebrating. It’s feminine strength that holds societies together, building, and creating.

–JC Cassels, author of SOVRAN’S PAWN


A strong heroine can mean many things for different people, but one thing we can agree on, is that we want to see more of them!

As JC Cassels said in her recent interview at the Daughters of Destiny blog, female strength is courageous, and it’s worth celebrating.

The Daughters of Destiny boxset is a collection of 10 science fiction and fantasy books that bring you stories from different worlds but all with the common theme of the Strong Heroine. We’ve got women rocking rebellions, handing out justice, battling shadow gods, and bending the wills of kings.

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