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Daughters of Destiny: A Sci-fi & Fantasy Heroines Boxed Set

In March 2017, readers will be introduced to heroines hailing from imaginative and compelling tales, penned by ten fresh voices in science fiction and fantasy.

And we’d love for one of these voices to be yours.

Are you a sci-fi or fantasy author looking to join a multi-author boxed set? If so, please submit your application for your novel’s inclusion.


What is a multi-author boxed set?

It’s a collection of e-books, usually full-length novels, written by individual authors. It’s similar to an anthology, and tends to share a particular theme. The theme of our planned boxed set is sci-fi and fantasy female heroes. We are looking for stories with strong female leads.

If I participate in a boxed set, do I still own my story?

Yes, you retain all rights to your story. If you are chosen to participate in the boxed set, you are giving us permission to publish your story in this boxed set. There are no exclusivity requirements, so you are free to simultaneously publish and sell your story wherever you wish.

Can the story I submit be a new one, or one previously published?

Yes. You can either submit a new story (as long as it’s a full-length novel) that has been edited and ready for publication, or you may submit a previously/currently published novel. Just make sure you hold the necessary rights or permission to include the story in the boxed set. So, for example if you published your story with another publisher, you may need to double check with them for rights/permission details. If you are an independent author, then this more than likely won’t be an issue for you.

How will royalties be distributed?

We have 10 spots, 5 of which have already been filled! Royalties will be divided equally, 10% per author, paid by Creative Alchemy Inc. If you are chosen for the boxed set, more details will be available in your contract.

Are there any fees attached to this project?

Since this will be a release or distribution of multiple authors as a collective effort, this is not a traditionally published work. Therefore, Creative Alchemy will not shoulder the complete burden of marketing costs as it usually would with its anthologies (like Masters of Time, or Magic Unveiled). Each participating author will contribute $50 for a marketing pool which sole purpose will be to run marketing (online ads, feature spots with the big promo sites). Most multi-author boxed sets run on this model. If you are unfamiliar with the process, here’s a resource to explain in further detail: http://www.thecreativepenn.com/2016/07/06/create-box-set-bundle/

and here: http://www.lindsayburoker.com/book-marketing/finding-new-readers-with-a-multi-author-ebook-bundle/

How long will this boxed set remain at the retailer sites (Amazon, B&N, etc.)?

We plan to release in March 2017 and the boxed set will go bye-bye September 2017. After that date, the boxed set will be taken down and no longer be available for purchase.

Are there any requirements for my story?

Your story must:

  • be a full-length novel (50,000+ words)
  • fit within the science fiction or fantasy genres or their sub-genres
  • have a female as the main character or lead
  • if submitting an unpublished story, your story must be professionally edited beforehand. We will only compile the boxed set and do no editing. We will, however, take care of cover art and formatting.
  • if submitting a published story, it must be professionally edited and have a 4.0 average at one or more major retailers.

Who are some of the participating authors?

Raven Oak – Seattle Times and Amazon Bestselling author of Amaskan’s Blood

Alesha Escobar – Amazon bestselling author of The Gray Tower Trilogy, and co-founder of Creative Alchemy, Inc.

Devorah Fox – Amazon bestselling and award-winning author of the King Bewilliam series

H.M. Jones – Award-winning author and NIEA Finalist for “Monochrome”


Any further questions? Email Alesha Escobar: alesha[at]thecreativealchemy[dot]com


Thanks to everyone who submitted!

All spots have been filled.