Business Services

As a business owner, it can be difficult splitting duties between running daily operations and completing tasks such as marketing, social media, and writing your own ads and blog posts. Perhaps there are challenges to reaching your sales goals or organizing your business, and you need a consultation session to help you approach your problems using a fresh pair of eyes. We offer several services (no matter the size or age of your business), that will help take the pressure off, so you can get back to work being the boss.


Do you draw a blank when you need to type out the words to your upcoming ad or sales pitch? You’re not alone. Our team of experienced writers will craft effective copy for your projects, according to your business needs.

Business Consultation

You have an amazing concept for a business, maybe you’ve already set it in motion, but now you feel stuck, or perhaps overwhelmed by wearing too many hats. Our business consultation service provides one-on-one help in identifying and defeating the roadblocks to your business’ growth and success.

Social Media

According to a 2016 survey, an estimated 2.34 billion people use social media worldwide–and the power to reach them has never been easier. However, creating, writing, and running Facebook Ads or even setting up your company’s profile page can make the difference between potential customers stopping to find out more about you, or simply passing by. Our social media packages are designed specifically to fit your needs. We can also write ghost write blog posts for your business blog or page (up to 500 words).


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